Stephanie Addison

Managing Director/Founder

I’m a mother of three with a personal interest in Perinatal Mental Health. Whilst I was a teenage mum, having my first child at just seventeen who was born prematurely and spent time in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), I suffered with Postnatal Depression after the birth of my second child in 2007 and received very little in the way of support. Using my own experience and putting my own knowledge into practise, I formed Raindrops to Rainbows as a voluntary organisation in 2014, providing Peer Support. I am keen on helping other mums experiencing these forms of mental illness and extremely passionate about Perinatal Mental Health, often travelling around the UK taking part in events to raise awareness. I have formed great working relations with other Mental Health organisations across the region and a member of the Perinatal Mental Health Clinical Advisory Group, a working group created by the Northern England Clinical Networks.



Lauren Duncan

Event & Marketing Manager

 Over the past 4 years I have struggled with things and having my son quite obviously tipped my world upside down.. I suffered from post natal depression and hid it for a long time as i thought it was not okay to feel the way i did.. Turns out i was not the only one feeling that way! So in fact it is okay not to be okay.. After being in an extremely dark place I saught help and in tow was told to find something for me, something I was passionate about. In the past I have created and hosted a few events and art exhibitions and loved every minute of it. Because of this I am extremely excited and proud to have been invited to be the events and marketing manager and be a part of the raindrops to rainbows team.

Ian Allcock

Press Photographer

EnA Photography evolved from a hobby to a business around a year ago and we now provide photography services to local and national businesses, musicians, bands, promotors, events, community groups and weddings and family events.  I first became aware of Raindrops to Rainbows following the very sad passing of a friend from the Teesside music scene who lost her battle with PND. Since then I have provided photography for a number of Raindrops to Rainbows events and have more recently accepted a formal role within Raindrops to Rainbows as Press and Event Photographer and have been heavily involved with the team in creating the Hope event.  I will continue to work with Raindrops to Rainbows as much as possible and it will remain EnA Photography’s chosen charitable partner for 2017/2018 and hopefully beyond.